Welcome To Sugar Pies

Avocado green is ______________.   If you filled in the blank with “outdated”, “passe” or “ so ‘70’s”, you are probably  among a majority of Americans.  I have long been intrigued by the idea of style and taste.  If avocado green was beautiful in the 1970’s, then why is it not still considered beautiful today?  If flapper dresses were wonderful in the 1920’s, why don’t I have a drop-waist fringed piece among my frocks?

I suspect the answer is our innate desire for novelty.  The designer’s ability to frame clothing and colors in fresh ways is appealing.  Likewise, in our home décor, replacing that old linoleum with something “updated” gives us the feeling of renewal.  Whether it’s a new outfit or a revamp of a room, newness has the power to make us feel like modern new creatures.  Of course that’s alluring!

However, when it comes to food, I don’t understand changing tastes quite as well.  Every time we prepare a dish it is new and fresh.  Food doesn’t become worn out like clothing or housing materials.  If something tasted good to the Victorians, shouldn’t it still taste good to us today?  Yet, sensibilities about food change from generation to generation.  At Sugar Pies we love to read old cookbooks, and are particularly interested in the dessert sections.   Some of the desserts sound fabulous, and it makes us wonder why they have been abandoned to the past.

It is our mission in this blog to explore old cookbooks, test the dessert recipes, and try to rescue those that need to be brought back to our present day kitchens.  Those sweets that deserve to be relegated to the past will also be noted.  All recipes are tested and tasted in our home kitchens.  We invite you to share our experiences and to share yours with us!