Whipped Cream

Shh, don’t tell any of the ladies in my church guild, but I despise “whipped topping”. I haven’t mentioned this aversion since I moved here 12 years ago because I feel it may be another mark against me. Cool Whip seems to be a freezer staple around here. A few times friends have asked to borrow some “Cool Whip” from my cache, and they seem embarrassed to admit that they’ve been caught in a dessert emergency. When I didn’t have any, they just chalked it up to my general lack of preparedness for life.

The thing is, I never have “whipped topping” on hand. The ingredients in non-dairy topping scare me, and the artificial way it keeps its shape for hours doesn’t help. My husband and I don’t share a lot of interests, but the things we eschew are the same- large crowds, ice cubes, and “whipped topping”.
Whipped cream, on the other hand, that’s a whole other cat! We love it! It contains a few real ingredients, it pools into sweet puddles when warm, and it enhances almost everything.

Recipe: Whipped Cream (Betty Crocker’s 1950 edition)
Whip one cup chilled cream until stiff
Stir in 2 Tbsp. Confectioner’s sugar
and 1/2 tsp. vanilla

Begin to dollop!